Frequently Asked Questions



At what age can my child start lessons


Our Adult and Child lessons start from 3 months old and are designed to initate and give confidence to both the parent and child in a pool enviroment. Water confidence is built up with the use of toys and songs during the lessons.


Do I need to book lessons or can I just turn up?


You will need to book a place before you join, please telephone 01702 471037 and we can tell you what places we have available and any additional information you require.


When do I pay for lessons?


Lessons must be paid for on the first day. Lessons can be paid full termly or half termly. Discount is given for those who pay full term on the first week. Otherwise you will be charged for two half terms which results in a loss of discount.


What if my child has been unwell?


Your child should only attend lessons if they are fit and well. If your child has been suffering from any sickness or diarrhoea then it is very important that they should not come to lessons until they are fully recovered.


My child has allergies, what does the vending machine contain?


Please click on the document attached for a breakdown of the items in our vending machine and their ingredients.